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LLUVIA is a modern rainwater-harvesting system designed to store 100 gallons per tank while graciously enduring the elements and designed to fit your modern life. This convenient tool encourages home-owners to reduce their impact on the environment and offers a simple way to make their homes greener: by providing a sustainable, secondary water source to wash your car, water your plants/garden, etc... (all with just a little help from the clouds)

the story

Today’s environmental issues are not something we can afford to ignore.

lluvia is a simple and modern way for you to address an issue regarding one of our most precious resources, water. With lluvia you can help conserve your region’s water supply and reduce runoff ocean pollution by reusing the rain that fell on your roof. It provides a sustainable, secondary source of water.

With continuous severe drought, Los Angeles and other cities in California revised their building codes to encourage rainwater harvesting. In Los Angeles, starting July of 2014, any renovation over 50% required installation of rain barrels. As an architectural design firm located in Santa Monica, we had many modern home projects in the affected areas. When it was time to purchase the rain barrels for our clients, the search was exhausting and frustrating. Somehow the word ‘barrel’ stuck the design of rain barrels somewhere in the Stone Age or a wild west saloon. We learned that most home owners removed these eye-sores after the final inspections. 


So we set out to design a better rainwater harvesting system that any modern home owner can be proud to display in their yards. The design process started with distilling the essence of modern home design: in form, materials, and proportions. Most 'barrels' in the market have a capacity of 40-60 gallons, and the average 2,000Sq.Ft. home would need around 10 of these to meet the requirements. We also pushed it further by integrating filtering technologies to expand the rainwater harvesting system’s applicability: a planter with a self-watering system, an outdoor shower, a water feature fountain with re-circulating pump, and a drinking fountain for pets.

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